when it comes to pet photography, I know that White Room Studio is the best in Singapore. You guys capture the love and bond between the pet and the owners so well (especially when I saw those shots with Kopi). I know that you guys will capture the best shots to show our love that we have with Sparky since it's almost impossible to take a proper family shot with him.
your pictures always tells a story
I have been following your Facebook page and always admire the pictures that was taken by White Room Studio as the concept of shooting was something that I like to see and also show it my daughter when she grow up. And also the photographs captured the actual feel of the person in it. Just the way I want me and my daughter happiness to be captured in it. :)
I have taken my maternity shoot and newborn shoot when my girl at White Room Studio. I received lots of compliments and questions about where I took those beautiful pictures.
Hua Min
I love how genuine and natural the photos of White Room Studio look and how emotions and memories are captured so beautifully.
your photos are simple and natural and not over exaggerated with Photoshopped effect
Jing Li
I've long been searching for a good photo studio that can capture an image that tells a thousand words ever since I'm pregnant. On and off when I browse through the web, your website will be the first that i'll visit and I was trying to search for a studio that is comparable to yours. However till date I still cant find any that can match. Your shoots are so natural and expressive through every move, smile & gesture. I don't know how to express my feelings when I look at the photos taken by Dan, Elain & Melody, I can see souls that is so natural, loving and real.
I just love your pictures. Your pictures always say a thousand words. Simple and natural which can bring me to smile and touch my heart.
we did our beautiful family photoshoot at your studio with Dan in 2011.I'm a fan of your Facebook page and I can see that you guys are doing a great job! Thumbs up guys!
I love love love the stylistics of your shots!
Hi team, Thanks alot for the softcopies and this entire photoshoot.Im loving every shot and I am gonna come back to order the other shots.Have a nice weekend:)
Thank you Melody! That was excellent service all around, very fast! And yes, Dan made me laugh a lot during the shoot. He is very good at making people comfortable so quickly. I might bring in my kids to do a shoot for personal purposes. Will be in touch…
Really great pics! All my friends are raving on FB that they're very well-taken. Pls help me convey my thanks to Dan!
Try White Room Studio. I did my maternity and newborn shoots. It is quite reasonable compared to some other photo studios. What matters to me and hubby was the way the owner/photographer (Dan) handled everything. Very sensitive, patient and understanding even when my baby girl peed on his prop while he was photo taking her.
Eneini from Motherhood Forum, Aug 2012:

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