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Singapore’s Visionary Photography Studio

From its humble beginnings back in 2009, White Room Studio has grown into an award winning boutique photography studio in Singapore. Through the thousands of clients who have their portraits taken in White Room Studio every year, the studio's drive for perfection and passion has remained true till this day: to listen and understand, to be a friend, and to capture the essence of clients' personality and soul. The focus of our professional photographers is very much family in all of its many permutations. Whether we’re shooting your pets, your children, or your wedding day, it’s the relationships between our subjects that we seek to capture in photographic form.


Professional portraiture photography which captures the essence of your family


White Room Studio’s style is one that embraces the moments of spontaneity. For so much of the history of photography, portraiture has been characterised by stiff, unnatural poses. Although for a long time, stagnant poses were the only technically possible way of capturing human subjects, technology has come a long way since then and we’ve embraced the shift towards more natural portraiture. We strive to capture the expressions of life that are real, natural, and reflective of you and your loved ones, and the photos we take create an impact because they carry with them an emotion that is open, fun, and real. At White Room Studio, we feel fortunate to witness and capture the intimacies and expressions of love.

Minimal posing is encouraged and we use little if any props in our sessions. Rather, we seek to draw out the natural you and celebrate each person's unique self so that you can look back on your photographs with fond memories in years to come.

Featured in magazines island-wide, White Room Studio is situated in a Peranakan shophouse full of nostalgic character thus giving a wide range of warmth, natural lighting and atmosphere to explore. Whether they’re shooting in the studio or the great outdoors, our professional photographers make themselves part of the family during the session, capturing what is real and emotional. Their skills bring together a unique fine art quality to their portraiture work, giving you a photographic experience like no other.


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